Filo di Arianna SCS Onlus

Member of the Consorzio Farsi Prossimo (a consortium involving 11 social cooperatives). Its aim is promoting social integration of vulnerable people through social, health and educational services. Since 1999 it has been managing social-health services for care and the rehabilitation of people with mental diseases, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and elderly. It collaborates tightly with Caritas Ambrosiana reading the emerging needs of the territory, developing innovative answers tothe needs of patients and their families, supporting public bodies in the provision of professional services and involving and training the volunteers engaged by the Parishes and Caritas in activities in favor of people in need. With regard to mental health, it manages several residential and care services for adults with mental diseases. Also, between 2015 and 2016, the cooperative addressed the challenge of the lack of supporting and accompaniment services for minors with mental diseases in the area of Milano and it engaged in the domain of the child neuropsychiatry with innovative educational services. On average, every year the cooperative assists, take care of and accompanies about 60 adults and 95 teenagers with mental diseases.

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