Charita Opava

Charity Opava was founded in autumn 1989 as a voluntary group, which decided to help people in crisis and this help was based on Christian principles. Today, Charity Opava is a religious nonprofit legal entity and its mission is professional providing services to physically and socially disadvantaged people and employing people with problems on labour market.
Among the principal activities of Charita Opava belong establishment and operation of charitable service, housing services, institutes, medical facilities, social services, services to support families and other services or facilities, organizing collections and humanitarian actions to help the needy at home and abroad, employment services and education.
As a secondary activity there are business activities stablished solely to support nonprofit charities.

Charity Opava provides 10 registered social services, 2 medical (health care) centres, 3 sheltered workshops and employes more than 250 employees and more that 50% of employees are disadvantaged people.
Charity Opava tries to provide the most comprehensive range of services. That is the reason why apart from the emloyment Charity Opava helps to disabled people with accommodation, by means of providing sheltered housing for visually and mentally disabled people, with the solutions in difficult life situations and in crisis by running a Crisis center and social counseling and Charity Opava also provides people with help and social services that lead to their independence and integration into society and everyday life.

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