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The Landes-Caritasverband Bayern (LCV) is the association of all Caritas organisations in Bavaria. Caritas is the social service organisation of the Catholic Church. In Germany Caritas is a key stakeholder in the non-statutory social welfare system and an important provider of social services. The LCV exits since 1917 and is located in Munich (Germany). About 30 employees provide coordinating, lobbying, supporting and training services to all Caritas organisations in Bavaria for the diverse fields of social services: services for seniors, migration/integration services, services for people with disabilities, services for unemployed people, children and youth services, early childhood education, European issues, etc. As umbrella organisation the LCV is responsible for the coordination of Caritas activities, for information and counseling of its member organisations with regard to professional, organisational and economical questions, for quality assurance and quality development issues, for the representation towards churches, economy, politics and society, and for political lobbying. The LCV represents more than 6.000 services and about 80.000 professional staff members in Bavaria. About one million clients are served per year by Caritas in Bavaria. For further information please refer to

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