The committee for studies and information on drugs and addictions (CEID – Addictions) is an association founded in 1972 in Bordeaux (under the French law of 1901). The key objective is to receive and to care for people with problems related to substance abuse (drugs, alcohol…) or to other addictive behaviors (gambling…). In order to do so, the association is financed by the health insurance (l’Assurance Maladie), controlled by l’ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine (the Regional Health Authorities of Nouvelle-Aquitaine). The CEID is responsible for inpatient (residential facilities) and outpatient treatment centers focusing on the care and the prevention of addictions (Centre de soins d’Accompagnement et de Prévention – CSAPA, CTR and CT), as well as reception centers and support for risk reduction for drug users (CAARUD). Services provided in these programs:

  • Prevention and treatment of addictions
  • Information and education resources for people concerned by addiction-related problems : health professionals, teachers, social workers, people in charge of parent associations, the working world, etc.
  • Help and support for families and people close to someone with addiction-related problems
  • Substitution treatment
  • Screening and care for chronic diseases (hepatitis) for people in a precarious situation
  • Street work
  • A mobile unit, to prevent and reduce the risks related to substance abuse and to prostitution
  • Consultations for young consumers that receive people less than 25 years old with a drug-related
    problem, including young people under criminal justice control
  • Specific programs for young people in a precarious situation (homelessness, need for social and
    professional integration, dual diagnosis…) :
    TAPAJ : alternative work, payed each day
  • Consultations and follow-ups for pathological gamblers
  • Research and studies on new substance abuse and addiction trends among consumers (written
    report : TREND, for the French Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction)

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